Growing trade delivers economic growth

01 November 2022

UK food and drink is a success story at the heart of our country’s social and cultural fabric. Our industry is creative, diverse and provides consumers with unrivalled choice and variety throughout the year, and with both nourishment and pleasure.


This nation’s reputation as a global hub for innovation and new product development in food and drink presents many exciting opportunities for exporters. The FDF maintains a firm focus on helping members take advantage of untapped opportunities to grow their business and benefit every community across the UK, but we know more must be done to help businesses harness their full international growth potential.

That is why we published our UK trade and investment strategy which offers a sensible and deliverable plan that will:

  1. maximise the benefits of trade in food and drink;
  2. secure the greatest opportunities for UK exporters;
  3. ensure a coherent regulatory landscape;
  4. deliver world leading borders and customs; and
  5. drive long-term investment in UK manufacturing.

The food and drink industry is also a key part of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure and we will continue to urge the government to place our sector’s interests at the centre of their trade strategy.

DIT’s International Trade Week 2022 provides a range of great events and webinars designed to help businesses trade overseas. Food and drink businesses should take advantage of the useful insights, guidance and information on offer from leading experts.

We’re supporting this year’s International Trade Week by running two webinars with partners that will offer practical tips, insights and solutions to help your business trade more efficiently and effectively and we’re delighted that hundreds of businesses have already signed up.

Our first webinar on Wednesday features Gavin Roberts (Trade Flow Customs) who will share key steps to ensure customs compliance and avoid costly mistakes that can delay goods at the border – vital if you’re moving short shelf-life products and ingredients. Our second webinar on 8 November features Charles Hogg (Unsworth) who we have partnered with to improve the experience of businesses exporting into the EU. He will share top tips to help you cut costs when moving goods via Calais.

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