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This year's Food Safety event focuses on the evolving regulatory landscape

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22 April 2008

PM'S Food Summit – 'A Timely Debate'

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The Prime Minister has today hosted a 'Food Summit' in Downing Street to focus on the growing issues around food availability and pricing around the globe.

Julian Hunt, FDF Director of Communications, said:
“This is a timely debate and has shone the political spotlight on important topics such as biofuels, as well as acknowledging concerns about food inflation here in the UK.

“A key issue for our members is their ability to access raw materials at competitive prices, and we have long urged policy makers to be cautious when setting mandatory targets for biofuels given the wider implications for food prices. At the same time, the sub-division of global markets into GM and non-GM supply chains is adding to the pressures on food availability – something else about which we should have an open debate.

“These global factors require strong leadership from governments around the world, and we look forward to hearing more from the Prime Minister about how he thinks the UK can contribute to that process.”

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