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6 July 2011

FDF response to European Food Information Regulation

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FDF Director of Food Safety and Science Barbara Gallani says:

"FDF welcomes the compromise that has been reached on the new European Food Information Regulation on food labelling. The food and drink industry has been providing on-pack nutrition information for some time and supports measures that make it easier for consumers to make informed choices."

"The new legislation requires back of pack nutrition information in tabular format, which is something UK food and drink manufacturers have been providing for many years, responding to consumer demand for more and clearer information."

“We remain concerned about the possible extension of mandatory country of origin labelling (COOL) to foods other than fresh meat. This would create considerable additional costs for food manufacturers without delivering any additional food safety benefits for consumers. On this matter, we welcome the agreement for the European Commission to compile a report on the impact of extending COOL before any further decision is taken.”

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