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19 June 2013

New hybrid labelling scheme launched by the Department of Health

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FDF Statement

FDF member companies want to do the right thing for their consumers, just as they have always done.

As part of our commitment to make a positive contribution to improving public health, FDF members have voluntarily provided front of pack (FOP) nutrition information for many years and have implemented FOP nutrition labelling consistently across Europe. We are proud to have led the way.

We did it because we wanted to be transparent when it comes to nutrition information on pack, and to provide consumers with clear, factual labels intended to help them put the food they eat in the context of their overall diet. We recognise clear information is a powerful tool for helping consumers make better-informed choices and improving their overall food literacy.

FDF members have also supported greater consistency in labelling. But for multi-national businesses in particular that has a European and global context. Each company has many factors to consider and weigh – in order to make the appropriate balance for their business between the global, European and UK contexts and in the cost/ benefit equation. In addition, the question whether in certain categories we really do help consumers to make a different choice, or we can drive reformulation, by using colour-coding (something which we know the governments took seriously in their deliberations) may weigh in the balance.

Now that the UK governments' recommended scheme has been published our members will be considering these factors and the costs involved (particularly for our SME members) as they move towards a decision on whether and when to adopt the scheme.

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