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14 February 2015

FDF response to product recalls of several cumin-containing products

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In response to product recalls of several cumin-containing products including undeclared almond protein, Barbara Gallani, Director of Regulation, Science & Health at FDF, said:
"The Seasoning and Spice Association (SSA) supports the production of safe and wholesome foods and takes matters relating to food safety very seriously. To ensure the quality and integrity of their products, SSA members have in place a series of fully implemented process controls. These are based on well-established good manufacturing practices and sound food safety management systems. Furthermore, SSA members are committed to purchase their products from approved suppliers in order to ensure full traceability at all stages of production, processing and distribution.

"Following a number of product recalls in the US, we contacted the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and other food sector bodies across the world to ensure timely information sharing on the potential presence of peanut or almond proteins in cumin and on the available analytical methodologies. The FSA has stated that currently there is no evidence to link the two UK alerts on undeclared almond protein, neither is there evidence to link these to the recalls of cumin and cumin containing products in the US.

"As Professor Elliott has said in his comments on this incident, the response to this emerging issue has been rapid, and I add that industry has established a very effective network of communications to ensure timely information sharing on many different and detailed aspects from methodology development to import data."

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