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31 May 2017

FDF delivers further water savings under its Ambition 2025

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Food and Drink Federation (FDF) members who reported water use in 2016 have reduced the amount of water used in the production of food and drink products by 35.8% compared to the 2007 baseline. These new figures are an improvement on last year's results, which saw a 30.1% reduction.

Under Ambition 2025, FDF members are committed to making a collective contribution to an industry-wide absolute target to reduce water use, by 20% by 2020 [3].

In addition, figures for water intensity, or the amount of water needed per unit of production, have reduced by 36.6%, decreasing by 0.89m [4] per tonne of product, compared to 2007.

Helen Munday, Chief Scientist at the Food and Drink Federation, said:

“Water is a critically important resource for our industry and for the food supply of the UK. Today's results are impressive and clearly demonstrate the commitment of our members to continuous improvement.

“Under FDF's Ambition 2025, members will continue to take action on water use, both in terms of operational efficiency and reducing impacts across supply chains.”

Note to editors

  1. The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is the voice of the food and drink manufacturing industry – the UK's largest manufacturing sector.
  2. Since 2014 water use data from FDF members has been collected via FDF through Hyder Consulting.
  3. Ambition 2025 includes an ambition to: “contribute to an industry-wide absolute target to reduce water use by 20% by 2020 compares to 2007”. This target does not include water embedded in products. For more information, see here: Ambition 2025 – Shaping Sustainable Value Chains
  4. The FDF conducts a survey of member companies, which provide data annually on water use and production. To maintain individual company data confidentially, water use data is aggregated and reported on a collective basis. Data for 93 active sites was collated for this update. For more information, see here: Water - Ambition 2025

More Information

Contact Skye Oudemans, Corporate Affairs Division, at: skye.oudemans@fdf.org.uk, or 02074207120.

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