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29 October 2018

FDF response to Autumn Budget

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FDF has issued the following press notice:

FDF response to Autumn Budget

Ian Wright CBE, FDF Chief Executive said:

“Food and drink manufacturers – 97% of whom are SMEs - will welcome the Chancellor's announcements today on productivity, exports, infrastructure, enterprise, business rates, investment and entrepreneurs.

“FDF is particularly pleased to see our representations on the way the Apprenticeship Levy operates have been listened to and acted upon.

“While we are committed to reducing packaging waste and working with Government, today's new tax on plastic packaging will result in significantly increased costs for UK food and drink manufacturers, due to the input costs required to produce food-grade recycled packaging.

“However the shadow of Brexit, and in particular a 'no-deal' Brexit, hangs over the food and drink industry and gets darker every day. While that remains the case, it is hard to see how we can long continue with business - or politics - as usual.”

More Information

Contact Skye Oudemans, Regulation, Science & Sustainability Division, at:, or 020 7420 7206.

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