EcoStruxure for Food and Beverage – Driving Digital Transformation

Food and beverage manufacturers are facing many similar challenges as other industrial companies – slim margins, aging equipment and lower budgets. However, there are also challenges unique to this sector, such as changing consumer tastes for healthier, more convenient and sustainable products, new players entering the game and disrupting the traditional retail model, or more companies operating globally and handling shifting regulations. This means that to remain competitive in today’s market, food and beverage businesses need manufacturing and operating processes that are flexible, efficient and sustainable.

Schneider Electric is leading the way with our own EcoStruxure™ IoT platform. Our solutions are facilitating unprecedented advances in operational efficiency (OpEx), maximizing asset value (CapEx), and reducing energy consumption and waste to protect the environment.

“Superior SDI Limited’s EcoStruxure Plant solution delivers connectivity to all our business layers. It proves itself to us every day as we interrogate data in the MES”

F&B² Creating New Value in Food and Beverage

At Superior SDI Limited, we help to realise the potential that exists in bringing your systems and processes together. By using technology to drive convergence of IT and operations, you connect the business and can improve your food and beverage capability exponentially.

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