Maximising the shelf life of your goods

Ensuring your goods arrive in accordance with your timelines and in their pristine condition is of vital importance to us. Through our four-step SCM approach, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your global food and drink supply chain.

During this consultation phase, we identify the areas where you are undertaking unnecessary costs. We'll also address any food and drink distribution challenges you could be experiencing that are causing ongoing delays in your cargo.

Whilst WTA can offer the fulfilment of individual services across the supply chain, we also work with larger organisations and manage their supply chain in totality. This is sometimes referred to as 4PL (fourth-party logistics) solution. We manage a range of external suppliers on behalf of our customers, some may or may not be WTA.

  • Resource is flexible, and the team working on your account scales up and down based on supply chain fluctuations. ​
  • On average our customers gain 20% on efficiencies, by our experts reviewing their supply chains end to end.​
  • 30 years’ experience in 4PL – one of the market leaders in this field.​
  • Drawing on a wider pool of specialised talent, that can draw from wider experience and trends outside your individual business or sector. ​
  • Our Dev Team combined with our tech stack allows you complete supply chain visibility in one place, as well as real-time data for strategic decision making. ​
  • Our EDIs allow you to integrate your logistics and warehousing data with order management systems. 

Outsourcing your entire supply chain management to WTA can revolutionise your business.​

A lot of our food customers are importing or exporting into the US which can be extremely complex. Our licenced US brokers are on hand to make it much easier for you. Complex customs clearance is WTA’s specialty.​

It's our mission to ensure that when you're importing products into different countries, you're fully compliant and utilising cost-saving opportunities. For food into the US, something we support customers with daily, this involves the US Department of Agriculture, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. WTA have long-term relationships with all key government departments and a commitment and passion to keep up to date on the latest regulations and necessities.

WTA have offices and BRCGS warehouses across the globe, with large warehousing for our established customers; managed warehouses on behalf of customers and small, flexible warehousing solutions for smaller customers. From these warehouses, we offer a range of services including:​

  • Temporary warehousing for consolidations​
  • E-commerce fulfilment​
  • Amazon fulfilment​
  • Shopify fulfilment​
  • Retail fulfilment ​
  • Supermarket fulfilment

There are so many elements to a supply chain, but we love diving into the details and finding the 1% gains that add up to real competitive advantage and efficiency. ​

With WTA you are not only set up for the future, but you will be working better today.​

Logistics is just a small part of the overall supply chain, and driving costs down just through rates, leaves over 80% of your supply chain unoptimised.​

Services we provide:

  • Procurement and sourcing​
  • Warehousing​
  • Inventory management​
  • Pick and pack​
  • Fulfilment​
  • Freight forwarding​
  • Customs management and optimization​
  • Container optimisation​
  • Final mile delivery​
  • Reverse logistics

WTA combines a love for people with a love for technology to create innovative, bespoke supply chain solutions. When working with us, you will be assigned one of our experts to your business, they won’t leave your side. You’ll have the same dedicated account manager upon delivery as you did when you first picked up the phone. We match clear communication with real-time data and always ensure cost transparency.

The result? A bespoke freight forwarding strategy that puts your needs first, whatever they may be.

WTA. Taking the freight out of freight.

I have worked with WTA for three years. The service they provide is fantastic and I feel that they apply an approach in which our business is their business. They are very adaptable at dealing with change and assisting with last-minute transport requirements. Account management is second to none. We had a truly open, collaborative relationship that has helped improve service, cost and continuous improvement.

Rebecca Johnson

Logistics Manager, Silver Spoon

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