Food and drink manufacturing is uniquely present in every UK community. Our 11,675 businesses, and 468,000 employees can be found in every constituency across the country.

We produce regional analysis of key economic indicators including: our economic contribution in each region, how many people we employ, average wages and trade statistics to provide compelling evidence that supports our policy recommendations.

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A more detailed breakdown of regional performance is available below, with heat maps for each category.

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The Scottish food and drink industry employs 46,000 people and generates nearly £5bn of added value annually. Scotland made up nearly 25% of UK food and drink exports, at a value of £5.3bn in 2020.

Report: UK Food and drink regional exports report

09 May 2022

The FDF’s newly released export regional report analyses trends for UK regional food and drink trade in 2021, with a focus on the four nations.

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