The Food and Drink Federation responds to the Queen's Speech

11 May 2021

The FDF has issued the following press release:


Responding to advertising ban plans proposed in the Queen's Speech, Kate Halliwell, Chief Scientific Officer, the FDF, said:
"The advertising bans on TV and online outlined in today's Queen's Speech, confirms this Government is interested in headline chasing policy rather than making serious interventions that will help reduce obesity rates.
“A proposed advertising ban would remove less than five calories a day from children’s diets, according to the Government's own estimates. And yet the proposals limit the scope for advertising products that have been carefully reformulated or created in smaller portions in-line with the Government’s own targets. For example, Cadbury would not be able to advertise their 30% reduced sugar Dairy Milk.
"This is tying businesses hands, by limiting how healthier options can be successfully brought to market. It undercuts what has been a key pillar of the Government’s obesity strategy, and demonstrates a lack of joined-up policy making.”

The FDF has also issued the following to select trade media in response to the Skills and Post-16 Eduction Bill.

Mark Corbett, Innovation and Skills Policy Manager, the FDF, said:

“It is extremely disappointing that there was no further extension to the Lifetime Skills Guarantee announced as part of today’s Queen’s speech. There are almost 400 funded courses covered by the Lifetime Skills Guarantee but none which relate to the manufacturing of food and drink, this is despite our industry requiring a further 140,000 new recruits by 2024.
“The food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector, and continues to grow at a time when many sectors are struggling. The government must look at introducing further courses that support what is a vital and resilient part of the UK economy and allows businesses to employ people with the right skills and improve their career prospects.”

For more information, please contact Meg Bevan, Corporate Affairs Executive, on 07946 340 998,