'Our industry wants to see bold new policies from a new Prime Minister '

20 July 2022

With food inflation reaching a 13-year high of 9.8%, the FDF's chief executive Karen Betts sets out what the UK government can do to help contain price rises.


Chief Executive of the Food and Drink Federation, Karen Betts said:

"It's very concerning to see food price inflation hit 9.8% in today's ONS figures. Food and drink companies are doing everything they can to contain inflation and to limit price rises for hard-pressed households, but the situation is undoubtedly very challenging, with the cost of ingredients and energy still rising and labour shortages biting.

"While the inflation the UK is experiencing is being driven by disruption in the global economy, there are things our government can do to help ease the cost of living crisis for households and to help food and drink businesses thrive through a difficult period. 

"Our industry wants to see bold new policies from a new Prime Minister that create the conditions for investment to boost productivity and competitiveness. These include incentivising business investment through rapid reforms to capital allowances, incentivising skills training, reforming burdensome regulation and red tape, and promoting growth in new markets through exports."