AB Mauri’s engagement with their stakeholders

22 May 2023

AB Mauri spread the Action on Fibre message to customers, suppliers and technology providers, educating stakeholders throughout the supply chain on their insights on health and nutrition.




During 2022, AB Mauri held over 20 presentations with customers, current suppliers and new technology providers, sharing their insights on health and nutrition and their future strategy.

Their discussions covered a range of topics, including consumer trends, the national food strategy and necessary changes to the UK diet to meet health and climate commitments. AB Mauri also emphasised their participation in the Action on Fibre initiative and how they can assist their customers in creating fibre-rich products.

Furthermore, AB Mauri hosted two fibre training webinars aimed at educating stakeholders throughout the supply chain, including a sandwich manufacturer and retailer. Topics covered included fibre nutrition, the health benefits of increased consumption, how to effectively communicate these benefits to consumers and product application advice.

This engagement has created a growing interest in fibre and led to a noticeable boost in fibre-enriched projects. It has also created opportunities for collaboration with existing and new technology providers, with the aim to improve the availability of fibre-based ingredients.