Nomad Foods support Fibre February

04 May 2023

Nomad Foods utilised social media to spread the word on the importance of fibre in our diets.



Nomad Foods were very proud to support Fibre February for the first time in 2022. Through traditional and social media, they used the health month as the platform to deliver a series of educational activities and initiatives aimed towards colleagues and customers.

Some of the great achievements over the month included:

  • Fibre educational messaging and recipe inspiration shared on Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s social media platforms to over 300k followers.
  • A new fibre educational page created on the Birds Eye brand website Nutrition Hub.
  • Over 500 colleagues across the UK and Ireland participated in ‘Know Your Fibre’ quizzes.
  • Over 50 retailer contacts were sent a special ‘Our Brands’ communication from Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s, explaining about Action on Fibre and Fibre February.