Let's talk fibre and innovation at Tastes of Better 2023

16 April 2024

Tate & Lyle participated in the Tastes of Better event, highlighting its commitment to addressing the fibre gap.


Tate & Lyle actively participated in the Food Matters LIVE event, Tastes of Better, in Ascot, where the team highlighted the critical role of fibres in promoting health, enhancing nutrition density, and adding value to products for increased consumer appeal. In a live talk show format, Tate & Lyle showcased its fortification solution, PROMITOR®️ soluble fibre, as a key component in bridging the fibre gap. The event featured five innovative prototypes spanning various food categories and demonstrating the versatility of PROMITOR®️ Soluble Fibre.

Hosted by BBC presenter Stefan Gates, the "Concept: Food & Creation: The Future of Fibre" show included insightful interviews with three Tate & Lyle experts who shared technical details about their product portfolio while a live audience had the opportunity to taste samples, creating an engaging and informative experience. The discussions expanded beyond fibre importance, delving into topics such as prebiotics, synbiotics, and the science of the gut-brain axis.

The experiential nature of this event (small group presentations), facilitated high-quality engagements, effectively highlighting the fibre gap, outlining actionable steps, and underscoring the significant role that Tate & Lyle plays in addressing this challenge.

Let's talk fibre and innovation at Tastes of Better 2023 | Tate & Lyle (tateandlyle.com)