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13 June 2022

The FDF and its members are committed to proactively bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation with an industry led initiative. Our ‘Action on Fibre’ pledges introduce a range of commitments which our members have taken to help bridge this gap. Our members are already taking action to help increase fibre intakes - see some great examples of this below.


Since the launch of Action on Fibre in September 2021, our members have been working hard to help bridge the gap between intakes and recommendations. We are very excited to share some of the work our members have been doing over the past few months, from great social media campaigns to launching new and exciting higher fibre products.

2022 Action on fibre case studies


Operating since 2003 Daymer Ingredients Limited distributes food ingredients into UK and Republic of Ireland for food and drink manufacturers. Daymer Ingredients Limited specialise in starches, starch derivatives, proteins, fibres, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, yeast extracts, malt extracts and functional flours.

As part of their pledge, they have concentrated on fibre, and associated benefits by using LinkedIn as a marketing tool to showcase this content. Content was a mixed of educational and informative, including recipes and nutritional information of foods. Daymer ensured success through measuring social media metrics and implementing changes based on the results.

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General Mills

General Mills UK makes food the world loves. We are proud to commit to help bridge the fibre gap. To support this goal, some of our most current innovations are all tasty, high in fibre and portion-controlled.

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Kellanova has a long-standing legacy in fibre, with All-Bran being introduced to Britain 100 years ago. As part of Kellanova’s commitment to Action on Fibre, the company re-ignited the ‘Go with your Gut’ marketing campaign in May 2022.  The campaign features All-Bran Original, All-Bran Golden Crunch and Bran Flakes, products with strong household reputation embedded in fibre and gut health. 

Kellanova is using multiple digital platforms, showcasing innovative recipes and food-related content whilst also educating consumers on fibre. An idea which will be further explored through a new specialist food partnership.

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As part of our Action on Fibre commitment, Kingsmill pledged to bring new products and innovations that contain more fibre to the market. Kingsmill saw a gap in the market for higher fibre version of toastie bread. Kingsmill already existing 50/50 flour base was a success with customers who wish to consume more fibre but did not like the taste of brown bread.

Kingsmill used semolina to help the bread stay crispy on the outside but maintain it’s softness on the inside. The bread had the texture for toasting but also contained 4.4g of fibre. ‘King of Toas launched in January 2022 and received positive consumer feedback.

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Nomad Foods has made significant progress in delivering two of their pledges: to provide online positive fibre messaging and educational content, along with serving suggestions and recipes which include a source of fibre; and, to support Fibre February, to contribute to the promotion of higher fibre diets.

Some of the successes they have achieved to date include: applying new ‘source of fibre’ and ‘rich in fibre’ logos to 50 products on Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s brand websites to clearly signpost source of/high in fibre products; creating ‘Fibre boost’ recipes and tips for brand websites; and, delivering Fibre February messaging to more than 300,000 consumers, 4800 Nomad Foods employees and 50 customers.

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Jacksons of Yorkshire bakery has made progress since signing the Action on Fibre pledge by developing and launching three new products with fibre claims. Jackson’s also rebranded their bloomer packaging to make fibre claims more visible to customers and conducted internal and external communications campaigns to encourage increased fibre intake. Jackson’s commissioned consumer research around health and found fibre claims within bread is one that resonates with consumers and one they consider as high importance.

Moving forward, Jacksons plans to work with retailers on encouraging consumers to increase their fibre intake, through instore events or media, focussing on tasty, high fibre options.

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Nestle have used the Maggi Brand to deliver on their commitment to our Action on Fibre pledge. This includes recent packaging updates, that have

provided an excellent opportunity to address ‘fibre’ via communications on-pack.  In the future, an evaluation of how effective increased fibre messaging is, and whether consumers use the tips and recipe suggestions provided by Nestlé, will help the company make further progress.

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As a part of our commitments, Pladis pledged to support events that promote and educate their employees about fibre and wholegrain. The event included activities as well as internal and external communication, such as raising the profile of our products which are high in fibre and contain wholegrains and whole grain Initiative webinar.

With excellent internal promotion and activation, over 45% of employees on site took part in activities and the stand drove conversations about fibre and wholegrain across global markets.

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Premier Foods

Premier Foods have used Mr Kipling brand to deliver on their Action on Fibre pledge. In April 2022 Mr Kipling launched the UK’s first full range of branded cakes which are non-high fat, sugar and salt (non-HFSS): Mr Kipling Deliciously Good. Created by their Research and Development Chefs, the range took three years to perfect. It includes some of Mr Kipling’s most iconic cake slice variants including Lemon, Bakewell, Angel, Chocolate, and Chocolate Caramel, all of which are high in fibre, and two of their signature Mr Kipling pies - Bramley Apple and Bramley Apple and Blackcurrant, both of which provide a source of fibre.

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Quorn pledged to educate about and promote the benefits of fibre through school programmes and partnerships in their foodservice business. The Quorn Professionals team has visited schools across the country this year, to support the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. Quorn’s dedicated Home Economists have delivered over 20 sessions to children in classes of 30 and included the message of the importance of eating enough fibre and how it helps our bodies' digestive systems.

Quorn’s culinary foodservice experts continue create school friendly recipes to reenforce the benefits of a healthy diet which includes fibre intake. Quorn have sampled over 2000 pupils in schools and colleges in 2021.

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Tate & Lyle

Since signing up to FDF’s Action on Fibre pledge Tate & Lyle has produced a wealth of content to promote increased fibre intake – from podcasts, blogs, videos, press releases & social posts. Tate & Lyle PLC launched their Gut Health Campaign, part of this campaign saw publication of their health and nutrition data modelling study in the British Nutrition Journal, which explored the likely positive difference fibre reformulation could make to people’s health in the UK. Tate & Lyle PLC also launched their gut health Hub and carried out a marketing and social campaign.

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Unilever - Graze

Unilever have used the Graze brand to carry out the commitments to the Action on Fibre pledge. Graze created and launched a range of new products which have a high fibre content. The products included three new flavours of gluten free high fibre product. Graze used social media to interact with consumers on the top of fibre, through fun and engaging posts. Graze will continue to innovate across their Direct To Consumer platform and our retail range to offer further “high fibre,” products for the remainder of 2022, highlighting the benefits of fibre.

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In April 2022, Warburtons launched their new Seeds & Grains Range; Make it Grain, The Big 21 and Plant Power. The three 700g loaves are all made with 100% wholemeal flour, packed and topped with the goodness of seeds, grains and pulses.

All three products are High in Fibre and in addition, are low in sugars and High in Protein. The nutritional credentials of the range were essential when developing the new recipes. For their launch Warburton’s engaged in significant in store and social media support to engage consumers, raise awareness of the range and where relevant their health credentials.

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Action on Fibre

Our members have pledged to take Action on Fibre and help bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation.

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