pladis reformulation journey

30 August 2023

Throughout 2022 and 2023, pladis have leveraged the consumer demand for healthier snack options by reformulating and innovating to create delicious new products.


Reformulation has focused on reducing fat, sugar, salt and enhancing nutrition profiles by increasing fibre and protein. Efforts have been effectively communicated through on pack claims, encouraging consumers to make healthier choices at point of sale. The research and development team play a crucial role in ensuring new products do not compromise on taste by conducting consumer and sensory validation to ensure the final recipes deliver an exceptional eating experience.

McVities have reformulated Hobnobs Oaty flapjacks to contain at least 30% less sugar*. Sugar content has been reduced from 9.6g to 3.7g and fibre increased from 1.3g to 5.2g per bar. These individually wrapped flapjacks are high in fibre and baked with 100% wholegrain oats, making them the perfect portion-controlled choice for a mindful snacking moment. The range has also been extended to include a second flavour variant coconut macaroon.

Jacobs have also reformulated Crinklys to feature 30% less fat**. There are two flavour variants, cheese and onion and salt and vinegar each available in 23g portion packs.

* 30% less fat vs fried potato crisps.
** at least 30% less sugar vs the typical flapjack.