Little Freddie case study: Packaging

24 February 2021

Little Freddie has established a simple and convenient pouch recycling return scheme for its consumers. Not satisfied with having no household recycling options for its pouches, Little Freddie spotted an opportunity to partner with recycling innovator Enval, which uses patented technology to recycle flexible aluminium laminate pouches into reusable materials. Enval’s recycling technology offers a more circular and sustainable solution to recycling pouches than landfill or energy recovery.


Over the course of 2018, Little Freddie developed the return scheme for its pouches, which launched in November 2018. Customers can post their used pouches directly to Enval using Little Freddie’s bespoke recyclable recycling bag, via their local postbox. The scheme does not depend on drop-off points, which might otherwise encourage customers to drive. We communicate with our customer to encourage these small changes.

The scheme provides a sustainable solution to an otherwise unrecycleable product (according to OPRL guidelines). Disposing of baby food pouches through the scheme has a 90% smaller carbon footprint than landfill.

Working with retailers Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Daylesford and Eversfield Organic the recycling bags were launched in-store on shelves and online for 99p (RRP) in January 2020. Little Freddie does not profit from the sale of its bags, it simply covers the postage costs of sending all baby food brands for recycling.

In January 2020, the scheme was opened up to include all baby food brands so any customer could benefit from the convenience of the return recycling scheme. This resulted in a 526% increase in pouches recycled during 2020. Since its launch in 2018, the scheme has saved close to 615,000 pouches from landfill.

Expanding the scheme reinforces the broader objective of the Enval partnership, which is to raise awareness of the technology and apply pressure on waste handlers to accelerate their adoption of the recycling technology so customers can recycle their pouches in the home. Little Freddie would like to see more brands launch their own recycling schemes with Enval.

For more information please see the Little Freddie website.

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“Our long-term goal is to become a business that gives more than it takes. This will mean cutting carbon emissions, using resources more efficiently and striving for zero waste. We have already incorporated this thinking into our business through our pouch recycling scheme. Our next focus has been to measure and reduce our carbon footprint. This is a big challenge however in identifying what changes, we and our suppliers can make, will reduce our impact and make our value chain more resilient.”

Nicola Smith

Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Little Freddie