Guidance on “Free-From” allergen claims

02 November 2015

This best practice guidance, jointly developed by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and British Retail Consortium (BRC), provides regulatory advice to food manufacturers and caterers on the appropriate use of “free-from” claims in relation to food allergens.




  • Gluten Free
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With the exception of “gluten-free”, there is no specific UK or EU legislation covering “free-from” claims. “Free-from” claims are therefore regulated in accordance with the provisions of General Food Law (Regulation (EC) No 178/2002), as amended.

A “free-from” allergen claim is an absolute claim unless a regulatory threshold has been set and should only be used following a rigorous assessment of the ingredients, process and environment.

FSA Foreword

"The Food Standards Agency welcomes the BRC and FDF's efforts to achieve greater consistency in “free-from” allergen claims. This consistent approach will make it easier for consumers with food allergies and intolerances to find and understand “free-from” allergen information to help them make safer food choices.”

Catherine Brown, Chief Executive, Food Standards Agency [2015]

This guidance was supported by the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Coeliac UK.