This page (together with the web page(s) referred to) explains to you the Food and Drink Innovation Gateway and the terms which we require you to accept in order to access innovation business support through the Gateway.  This Gateway is accessible through submission of the Food and Drink Innovation form (“the Form”) on our website (our “Site”), by FDF members and/or non FDF member food and drink manufacturing businesses based within the UK.

The below sets out specific notices in relation to the FDF Food and Drink Innovation Gateway. In addition, our general FDF website terms and privacy notice applies to registered users of our website and non-member businesses who complete the Form.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you submit your Form to the FDF Food and Drink Innovation Gateway. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please refrain from submitting the Form and refer to your FDF contact or

  • What is the Food and Drink Innovation Gateway?

The Food and Drink Federation (including FDF Cymru and FDF Scotland) (“the FDF”) is providing a central hub for businesses to access the innovation business support that is available across England, Scotland and Wales.

Businesses submit a Form through the FDF website that FDF then forwards to relevant innovation gateway lead organisations [*see list of organisations below] in order for them to provide advice to the business in a Free initial “surgery” consultation.

By submitting the Form to the FDF, the business agrees to the FDF forwarding that information to FDF’s innovation gateway lead organisations for that purpose.  It also agrees that FDF can use the information for potential FDF membership discussions with the business and for FDF’s wider understanding of challenges, as noted below.

Following that “surgery” consultation, it is for the business and the innovation gateway lead organisation to agree how to proceed to obtain any further innovation business support.

  • What information is collected and how will it be used?

Information is submitted through the Food and Drink Innovation Form to The FDF.

Businesses who submit the Form will be asked to provide the following data:

Business data: Company Name, Location for the Innovation, Overall Size of your Business or Location, Number of Production Shifts, details of the challenges the company face in terms of innovation.

Personal data: Your Name, Your Role and Contact Details (email and phone number).

The FDF will keep all data confidential and secure at all times and save as described in these, and the Website, terms will not share it with any other party. 

The data will be used primarily for the purpose of processing the Form data and understanding member innovation challenges, anonymised data (as described below) will also be used to demonstrate success of the Gateway and encourage more business to take up the opportunities available to them to adopt new technology and other innovation.

In order to provide members with this service, the FDF will share your data with the innovation gateway lead organisation identified for your chosen region who will contact you direct to organise a surgery as described above.

Additionally, by submitting the Form, non-FDF member businesses agree to that the data may be used by the FDF membership team for the purposes of a discussion about potential membership, and that they may be contacted by the FDF membership team to that effect.

The FDF will not retain your personal information for longer than is necessary.

  • How do we share your information?

Based on your primary location, the FDF will refer your business for an initial consultation with a representative of one of the innovation gateway lead organisations [*see below] based in each of the home nations and will share your information with them for that purpose. The innovation gateway organisation will, following discussion with you / your business, agree to connect your business with a well-placed innovation expert organisation [** see below] for further innovation support.

  • Who is involved with the food and drink innovation gateway?

A number of organisations are involved with the FDF Food and Drink Innovation Gateway in order to deliver the services. The FDF is the data controller of the information you provide to us on the Form and has data processing agreements in place with the innovation gateway lead organisations in relation to that data.

The organisations involved with the FDF Food and Drink Innovation gateway are:

The innovation gateway lead organisations [*]:

The lead organisations are the first points of contact for the “surgery” consultation. The FDF will select the lead organisation based on the details of your Form submission according the location selected. One of the following organisations will be contacted:

England – The Manufacturing Technology Centre (The MTC)

Wales – Advance Manufacturing Research Centre Cymru (AMRC Cymru) / The FDF Cymru

Intermediary organisation on behalf of Scottish Government: Scotland – Interface

Upon entering into a consultation with the FDF’s lead organisation, the member business enters into a direct relationship with the lead organisation.

It is for you to agree the basis on which you share any information beyond that in the Form with the lead organisations.

During the consultation, the business agrees the way forward with the lead organisation and which expert organisation can best offer support based on the location and technical support required. The expert organisation will be contacted by the lead organisation.

It is for you to agree any approach to, and sharing of any information with, the expert organisation prior to any referral.

The innovation gateway lead organisation will share aggregated anonymised data following consultations with the FDF for the purpose of reporting. The FDF needs to know actual outcomes of approaches to determine the success of the Food and Drink Innovation Gateway and encourage more businesses to take up the opportunities available to them to adopt new technology and other innovation.

Expert organisations [**]:

Following initial “surgery” consultation the lead organisation will refer the business to another expert organisation. The expert organisation who will then provide the in-depth innovation support needed.

The following organisations will be referred to by the lead organisation, depending on the expertise required:

Digital Catapult

University of Lincoln

Cranfield University

Sheffield Hallam University

University of Strathclyde


AMRC Cymru

Campden BRI

Other organisation may join in to support the FDF’s Food and Drink Innovation Gateway. These terms will be updated accordingly.

  • FDF contact and oversight

The FDF may contact you about the creation of specific case studies to showcase success so other FDF members and businesses can benefit from your experiences.

The FDF’s governing committee for the Food and Drink Innovation Gateway will periodically review the operation of the programme.  It will deal with issues, complaints and recommendations.

The business / gate away user can contact the FDF by email at at any point during the process and request their information and details to be removed. The FDF will ensure that lead organisations who are involved with the submission, will be informed of any requests made for data to be removed.

  • Your rights

All your rights are detailed in our full privacy notice found here.

Contact the FDF

Questions, requests or complaints should be emailed to or mailed to the Chief Digital and Information Officer at the address below.

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