Net Zero Technologies – How green Webinar: Hydrogen and fuel cells can support the transition to Net Zero

14 June 2021

In April 2021, the UK government set into law the world’s most ambitious climate change target - to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels.

In line with the FDF ‘Roadmap to Net Zero project’, ITPEnergised recognises emissions reduction as an integral part of any operation’s net zero strategy.  In this webinar John Barclay and Ruth Fain, Associate Directors at ITPEnergised, will provide an expert overview of the most efficient and practical ways to reduce your emissions prior to offsetting.

  • Demand side energy efficiency technologies – technology doing more with less
  • Energy management, ISO50001, and behaviour – employees doing more with less
  • Evaluating supply side low and zero carbon options - Hints and Tips
  • Overview: on-site generation and low and zero carbon supply technologies.
  • Offsetting the remaining carbon – best practice and lessons learnt.


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Widely applicable to FDF members, and in particular to those members looking to improve energy performance and transition to net zero.

Reducing emissions is absolutely key to all robust net zero strategies and this webinar will be relevant both to businesses just starting out on the path to net zero, and those who already have strategies in place.

Will be of interest to board level decision makers, energy and environmental, site engineering and leadership teams.

ITPEnergised believes passionately in the world’s transition to net zero. We work in partnership with our clients to optimise the efficiency of existing assets and facilitate the transition to low and zero carbon energy supply at both corporate and site level.

Our agile team of trusted technical advisors deliver expert energy, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and renewables asset management services for a variety of projects, sectors and clients worldwide, delivering practicable solutions and facilitating the transition to net zero.

John Barclay, Associate Director, has 29 years’ experience both as a practising engineer and latterly as an energy consultant.  John works with organisations to reduce energy

consumption via technology measures and behavioural change in addition to evaluating supply side low and zero carbon technologies.

John is a Chartered Energy Manager, ESOS Lead Assessor, ISO50001 Practitioner and Registered EnCO Consultant.

Ruth Fain  is a Chartered Scientist with over 18 years of experience of a wide range of environmental impact assessment, regulatory compliance, and environmental management projects in the food and beverage, corporate, industrial and manufacturing and development sectors.

Ruth works with developers, operators and corporates to optimise the efficiency of existing assets and gain planning and regulatory consent for new projects, facilitating the transition to low and zero carbon energy.

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Net Zero Strategy - How to reduce your emissions before considering offsetting