Introduction to the Environmental law and compliance management modular training course

11 January 2022

The environmental law and compliance management course programme provides delegates with the key competencies to effectively manage environmental law compliance for their organisation. Delivered remotely via SLR’s interactive Virtual Learning Environment, the programme delivers comprehensive and practical knowledge in a short modular course format, enabling delegates to study at their own pace, and to choose courses according to their competency requirements.


The programme consists of 10 individual courses in three modules, covering:

  • An introduction to environmental law:
    • The structure of environmental law
    • Identifying environmental laws applicable to your organisation
  • Practical compliance management by environmental media:
    • Waste legislation and best practice management
    • Water legislation
    • Emissions to air, energy and carbon legislation
    • Installation environmental permits
    • Contaminated land
    • Conservation
  • Continual improvement in environmental law compliance management:
    • Keeping up to date with environmental policy, law and horizon scanning
    • Environmental law compliance: Best Practice Management

This webinar provides an introduction to the training course and an overview of the overall course, the modular format structure, and a short summary of each of the ten courses. The webinar will provide an insight into the interactive format of the virtual learning environment, the course materials, and practical examples of key topics covered in each module including but not limited to:

  • The latest on Brexit and environmental law in Module 1a (Structure of environmental law);
  • The Waste Duty of Care in Module 2a (Waste legislation);
  • Carbon Management in Module 2c (Emissions to Air, Energy and Carbon); and
  • Latest progress on current and emerging environmental policy and law, including the Environment Bill, Carbon, Plastics, Extended Producer Responsibility and Pesticides.

The webinar will help individuals select the most appropriate training modules for their business needs.

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Introduction to the Environmental law and compliance management modular training course