Plastic Packaging Tax – what you need to know

04 February 2022

This webinar will be presented by Stuart McCallum and Anne Holt, two RSM partners whose sector experience has been built over many years by serving the needs of their food and drink clients.

Stuart McCallum, Partner and Head of Food and Drink, Direct Line: +44 (0) 141 285 3869, Email: 

Anne Holt, Partner, Indirect Tax,  Direct Line: +44 (0)1284 772980, Email: 

Answers to the Q and A


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On 1 April 2022, the UK government will implement a new plastic packaging tax (PPT) to combat the use of single-use plastic and encourage greater use of recycled plastics.

This will heavily impact the food and drink industry and add to the ever-growing list of challenges currently facing the sector.

Please listen to this webinar if you are interested in understanding how the plastic packaging tax will work, who will be affected and the proactive steps that industry leaders must take.


Finance professionals within the food and drink industry, Finance Directors, CFOs and Managing Directors.

Due to the sheer volume of questions asked, our hosts regrettably did not have time to answer them all during the session. In light of this, we would encourage you to contact Anne Holt directly if your question was not answered in-session or if you have any further queries. Her contact details can be found above.

Plastic Packaging Tax – what you need to know