How technology can help you to reduce the cost of food production and increase your financial resilience

12 September 2023

The UK Food & Drink industry is facing a number of economic challenges including record food inflation levels, labour shortages, and high ingredient and energy costs.
At the same time, there is pressure on manufacturers to keep product prices low due to the cost of living crisis which is impacting household budgets.

With four in ten food companies indicating that reducing their operational costs is their main focus over the next 5 years (IDC), how can your business make cost and efficiency savings across your operations? And how can digital solutions help you to improve your operational resilience and identify growth opportunities to boost your profitability?


Join Aptean as we explore:

  • The current challenges the UK food and drink industry is facing regarding the cost of doing business and food inflation
  • How digital solutions can help reduce the cost of food production throughout the product lifecycle
  • Why reducing wastage across all areas of your business is key to lowering your costs
  • How food and drink companies are using technology to unlock savings and improve profitability despite economic pressures

Subject areas:

  • The specific challenges of the UK market regarding the cost of doing business including rising food and drink inflation and high ingredient / energy costs
  • The tactics for reducing the cost of food production using technology, from product development through to manufacturing and sales
  • Why reducing wastage across all areas of your business is key to lowering your costs
  • How food companies have unlocked savings and improved profitability with food and beverage software


Joris Kolff, Senior Director, Food & Beverage at Aptean

As Senior Director for Food & Beverage, Joris Kolff is responsible for helping to drive strategic conversations to ensure that Aptean is well positioned to support food and beverage companies in the EMEA region. Joris has years of experience in the Food and Beverage, and ERP sectors, and his deep market knowledge makes him well placed to understand the challenges that today’s industry faces, and how technology can help businesses to overcome them and drive growth.

How Technology Can Help You to Reduce the Cost of Food Production and Increase Your Financial Resilience