Levercliff: Cost of Living Crisis – Changing Consumer Habits

23 March 2023

Levercliff are bringing back their consumer insights, focusing on consumer behaviours in Food & Drink.  

In this session we discuss the latest research findings revealing how consumer habits are evolving across the UK nations during these challenging times.

We are also joined by a manufacturer client, an industry veteran, who will discuss how they view and have responded to some of the changes in consumer habits.



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Clodagh Sherrard:

With a Masters in Marketing, Clodagh specialises in working with companies to develop growth strategies through the use of market and consumer insight.

Clodagh has worked with food and drink companies of all sizes including, Border Biscuits, Ardo, Whites, Keogh’s, ABP, Dawn Meats, and Linden Foods.

Clair Prior:

Clair holds an MRS Diploma in Market Research and is a full member of The Market Research Society.

Clair has a broad knowledge of different research techniques and how they can be best used to leverage insights for clients. Since joining Levercliff in 2018 she has been involved in a number of our high profile consumer insights projects and has lead the Covid19 Tracking Study since its inception in 2020.


Brand, Marketing, Sales and Category roles at Food and Drink companies in the UK.

Levercliff: Cost of Living Crisis – Changing Consumer Habits