SLR: Decarbonisation challenges for the Food & Drink sector

14 March 2023

Decarbonisation has become key for all food and drink companies, with the added drivers of the energy crisis and energy transition away from fossil fuels. Many companies have now set targets for net zero with intermediate targets for 2030 and 2040.

There are major challenges for the food and drink sector, including:

  • Decarbonisation of heat
  • Sourcing of renewable energy with increasing competition of resources
  • Availability of capital
  • Competitive strategy

These are just some of the concerns and challenges that will be addressed in this webinar.



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Bob Robinson – Technical Director

Bob is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager with over 30 years’ experience working in industrial environments.

For the last 15 years Bob has worked in consultancy and has been responsible for developing and delivering projects in the energy efficiency, resource efficiency and carbon management areas.  Bob has worked with many food and drink companies developing their energy efficiency and low carbon strategies.  Bob worked on the Welsh Government and the Food and Drink Federation decarbonisation projects.

Prior to consultancy, Bob worked in industry covering process development, project engineering and plant management.  This experience was gained within the chemicals production of dyestuffs and pigments and food industries.


This webinar is recommended for sustainability, environmental and engineering managers.

SLR: Decarbonisation challenges for the Food & Drink sector