Solving energy pressures

11 October 2023

How to minimise the impact of elevated energy prices and make your business more energy efficient. Utilising technology to reduce costs and deliver carbon reduction.

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Dean Hogg, Head of Sales, Powerstar

Dean is an experienced leader with extensive knowledge of channel partnerships and intermediary relationships.

He has worked in the energy sector for over a decade, focusing on energy management, helping organisations to deliver on reducing cost, energy consumption and carbon output.

Dean’s approach is to get the heart of customer pain-points and from close-working strategic partnerships. He has a track record of delivering energy efficiency initiatives in organisations that deliver significant energy efficient gains and reduce costs.

Subject areas

  • Energy efficiency to facilitate improved cost management.
  • How to utilise energy technology solutions to drive more sustainable energy management, to support net zero ambitions without impacting cost or operational effectiveness
  • Legislative Changes: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme; Climate Change Agreements
Solving energy pressures