The UK Internal Market: Key issues for the food and drink sector

15 September 2023

Food & Drink Federation Scotland CEO, David Thomson is joined by Shepherd and Wedderburn’s Kevin Clancy and Natasha Durkin for an in-depth look at some of the key internal market issues for the food and drink sector.

The webinar will cover: 

  • the fragmented regulation within the UK nations;
  • the legal ground rules; and
  • the deposit return schemes and health promotion regulations as illustrative case studies.



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Kevin Clancy, Partner

Kevin is an experienced litigator.  He has experience advising hospitality, food and drink clients in relation to investigations conducted by regulators (health and safety, food safety, environmental issues) and subsequent civil and criminal court proceedings, as well as licensing and regulatory issues (most recently advising clients on the deposit return scheme).

Natasha Durkin, Senior Associate

Natasha is a specialist regulatory investigations and enforcement lawyer, advising on public law and judicial review; environmental social and governance risk, sanctions and anti-corruption and money laundering compliance. As a public law specialist Natasha regularly assesses the scope for challenge (through judicial review) to the decision-making of regulators and Government; she has developed and presented bespoke training packages on decision-making for a wide range of regulators (professional and industry based) and defended judicial review challenges to the decisions of regulators.

The UK Internal Market: Key issues for the food and drink sector