Ameresco - Energy Intensive Industries (EII) Scheme

31 January 2024

Securing the financial benefit of EII – Are you sure you don’t qualify?

Of c. 2,500 large businesses in eligible sectors, only 332 are claiming EII.

These companies are achieving a 20% reduction in their energy costs compared to their closest competitors.

How much more would you need to sell to achieve the same financial benefit?



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Manufacturers of food products within the FDF membership


Kath Chapman – Managing Director

Kath is expert at helping organizations secure long term bespoke energy supply contracts through energy trading and rebate scheme experience. She founded Energy Services Partnership, a specialist Risk Management consultancy in 2002, which was subsequently acquired by Ameresco in 2013. Ameresco is a leading international cleantech integrator and renewable energy asset developer, owner, and operator – helping customers progress towards net zero goals across the UK, North America and Europe.

Ameresco - Energy Intensive Industries (EII) Scheme