The Food and Beverage Supply Chain- Risks and Consequences

27 March 2024

Ensuring the safety and quality of the food that reaches the plate of consumers is of paramount importance, but in this age of increasingly international supply chains, keeping visibility of your suppliers and traceability of your ingredients is a challenge.

How can food and beverage manufacturers manage the risks present in their supply chain and avoid the financial, reputational and health risks of supply chain disruption and food fraud?

In this webinar we will explore:


  • Effective supply chain risk management
  • Methods for dealing with supply chain disruption

How you ensure compliance with food and beverage standards including GFSI, BRCGS and ISO 22000, 9001 and 45001.




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Paul HastingsSenior Sales Consultant at Ideagen

Paul has more than 20 years experience working with quality, safety, risk, compliance, standards and regulations and supply chain management within the food and beverage sector.

Previous to his role at Ideagen, Paul worked as a Quality Manager for United Biscuits and as an Outbound Logistics Quality Manager for Allied Distillers.



  • Food Safety Managers/Directors
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Compliance & Audit Professionals
  • Quality Managers/Professionals
Webinar- The Food & Beverage Supply Chain – Risks and Consequences