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7 April 2016

FDF response to the Royal Society of Public Health's calls for calorie equivalent labelling

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Tim Rycroft, Corporate Affairs Director at the Food and Drink Federation, said:

"Weight gain occurs when more calories are consumed than are burned during physical activity. For this reason, initiatives which reinforce the well understood calorie message and encourage people to be more active are to be encouraged.

"As an industry, we are looking at what more we can do to help people use the existing nutrition information provided to understand how different foods and drinks fit within a healthy lifestyle. Activity equivalent information is an interesting concept and the role it could play in driving meaningful behaviour change is certainly worth exploring. However, we believe further research is needed into whether activity equivalent calorie information could be an effective way of encouraging consumers to achieve a healthier lifestyle. EU rules which dictate what companies can and cannot put on their food labels would need to be considered in any proposals to add to on-pack information."

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