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19 July 2013

FDF's Responsibility Deal Annual Update published

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Richard Evans, Chair of FDF's Health and Wellbeing Steering Group, and President of PepsiCo UK & Ireland, said:

“Today the second annual updates from Public Health Responsibility Deal partners have been published by the Department of Health. These updates include those from the 32 Food and Drink Federation (FDF) members who are currently cutting salt, reducing calories in their products and encouraging physical activity in the community and workplace under this voluntary framework.

“To mark this important milestone, FDF has produced 'FDF's Responsibility Deal Annual Update' which provides a snapshot of what members have been doing to deliver their Responsibility Deal commitments.

Read new member case studies showing:

“The food and drink industry is vital to good public health, providing people with ready access to nutritious, affordable and safe food. Through a voluntary approach which enables companies to be flexible in their response, the Responsibility Deal has allowed government to set a common direction on public health issues faster than a legislative approach would have done.

“Companies such as those listed within our new circular have the reach, resources and expertise to make a profound difference. The challenge is to amplify this by broadening the reach of the Responsibility Deal and encourage more and more businesses to get involved. The recent launch of Public Health England is a great opportunity to localise the Responsibility Deal and broaden engagement in every community – by business and many other partners.

“In the meantime, I encourage you to join Responsibility Deal partners in making the third year of this long-term partnership even more successful than the first two.”

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