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25 April 2018

FDF response to Childhood Obesity Letter

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Tim Rycroft, Corporate Affairs Director, FDF said:

“In 2016 food and drink manufacturers accepted a challenge from this government to embark on a world- leading, stretching programme to reduce sugars and calories in food over the next few years. We are just one year into the sugars programme (and the calories programme has not yet even begun). But we know this can work because our member companies have already reduced salt in their products by a further 11.4% since 2012, building on more than 15 years of steady reformulation work. It is much too early to be considering additional regulation until we can clearly judge progress on sugars and calories.

“Childhood obesity rates are too high across the UK but it is the stark differences in rates between the least- and most-deprived children that most urgently needs to be tackled. Industry is pulling its weight. It is time for government to resist calls for headline-chasing measures that affect all consumers and instead to invest money behind specific, targeted measures for those people and areas most affected by obesity.”

Contact Ted Woodward, Corporate Affairs Division, at:, or +44 (0) 20 7420 7140.

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