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Creating a circular economy

Working with government and others to improve the design of packaging reforms to ensure the UK develops a successful and cost-effective circular economy in packaging. Our work is helping to ensure the UK has an efficient, industry-led Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system, and interoperable Deposit Return Schemes (DRS).

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Shaping trade policy

Shaping improvements to UK border and trade policy so they work better for our industry and for consumers (including the Windsor Framework, the Border Target Operating Model and free trade agreement negotiations with the Gulf Cooperation Council and India). We’ve provided advice and guidance to help members manage these significant changes, to take advantage of new trade agreements, and to boost trade in food and drink.

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Extension of Climate Change Agreements

Secured a two-year extension of Climate Change Agreements for the food and drink sector, for businesses that reduce their emissions, and agreement for a future phase of the scheme.

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Creating healthier products

Supporting companies to create healthier products, including through FDF’s Action on Fibre, which has resulted in billions of additional servings of fibre incorporated in everyday food. And equipping FDF members with the necessary insights to navigate new restrictions on high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products with our toolkit, HFSS calculator and webinar.

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A healthier Scotland

FDF’s Reformulation for Health Programme in Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government, has seen millions more calories and tonnes of salt removed from Scottish-produced products in the past year. At least 33 projects with food and drink manufacturers in Scotland have been supported with £180k of grant funding through four rounds of the Reformul8 Challenge Fund, the Healthier Product Innovation Fund and the Scottish Bakery Fund, with more to come in 2024.

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Ensuring food safety

Continuing our work to ensure food safety regulations are robust as well as agile, and reflect the changing environment in which we operate, as well as maintaining a safe food supply chain. This work includes FDF’s regulatory trackers across all key food safety and labelling legislative areas, and new guidance for the management of changes to allergen information, aimed at small and medium sized businesses. We’re also tracking changes in EU legislation, and where this diverges with the UK.

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Strategic support

Providing direct support to members by engaging strategically on supply-chain fairness and retailer relationships. Engaged the Government, the Bank of England and the media on the economic pressures due to disruption caused by the war in Ukraine, COVID and Brexit had led to inflation, and explained how the industry has worked to shield shoppers and mitigate a cost-of-living crisis.

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Working with government

Working with the Government to ensure it recognises the critical role of food and drink manufacturing to the UK economy and society, through the provision of entry-level to skilled jobs, the adoption of technology, digitisation and, research and development. Our sector’s inclusion in the Government’s Advanced Manufacturing strategy highlights the importance of cutting-edge scientific research and innovation in our sector, critical for attracting investment.