New International Trade resource offers 3 months’ free access

13 July 2021

Although most of the growth in the UK economy is expected to come from SMEs, how they are expected to achieve it isn’t exactly clear. And with new legislation adding time pressures on the shipment of both imports and exports, it can be hard for businesses like yours to find the time to consider the bigger ideas, issues or the risks you might be taking. That’s where OpenBorders.Direct can help.


It’s an innovative new platform, packed full of content on all aspects of international trade, helping you make the most of the opportunities and highlighting the issues faced from cash flow to ICC Incoterms® 2020.

One-stop shop for FDF members

The Food & Drink Federation is represented on the OBD® advisory board and has been closely involved in designing the one-stop-shop element of the site. This way FDF members can stay focused on what they need to do to ensure they comply and continue to trade internationally, with advice and practical ideas to mitigate or eliminate the risks involved in international trade.

What can you expect from OBD®?

As an FDF member you can enjoy 3 months free access to the site, no strings attached. This will enable you to test the site’s specialised products, including:

  • a Global Due Diligence service – essentially a world ‘Companies House’ with sanction checks and adverse media information
  • an Incoterm®2020 tool to guide you through the best terms for you and your customer
  • Single invoice insurance for many EU countries
  • An Ask an Expert helpline.

All the facts at your fingertips

  • What documents do I need to ship baby food to Egypt?
  • What tariff code do I use for wooden packaging with metal handles?
  • What payment terms work best in Italy?

Whatever your question on international trade you’re bound to find the answer on the site, all answered in as much detail as possible to help you get your consignment on its way to your warehouse or to your customers around the world.

Sign up for your free trial and do let us know what you think

Lesley Batchelor OBE   
COO & Commercial Director Open Borders Direct Ltd