FDF's response to the Prime Minister's speech

03 February 2020

Following the Prime Minister's speech this morning, FDF has released its response.


Commenting on the Prime Minister's speech this morning, FDF's Chief Executive, Ian Wright CBE, said:

“The ultimate judge of the success of the forthcoming negotiations will be UK consumers and shoppers, who will rightly expect the same - or better - choice, quality and price for their food and drink.

“The EU market is the largest source of UK food imports and the largest destination for UK food exports. This fact is driven by geography, shelf-life and customer tastes. Introducing friction into those supply chains will have implications for our largest manufacturing sector and for all food and drink consumers.

“It is critical, therefore, that we carefully assess the costs and benefits of any changes to our trading relationship with the EU – and balance them against new opportunities we want to seize for easier food trade with the rest of the world. We also need generous rules of origin that support our food and drink exports success story and recognise the global nature of UK food and drink supply chains.

“As the Prime Minister referenced in his speech, the provenance and high quality of UK food and drink is an essential selling point overseas. We urge UK and EU negotiators to take a common sense approach to recognising equivalent food standards so we do not inadvertently raise barriers to trade. We are working closely with the UK Government to identify new trading opportunities and to keep tariffs, quotas, product checks and inspections at the border to the barest minimum.”