Food and Drink Sector Climate Change Agreement

The Food and Drink Sector Climate Change Agreement is operated by FDF Climate Change Levy Agreement Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of FDF. For ease of reference this is abbreviated to FDF CCA.

The FDF CCA is administered by SLR.

The new helpline contact details are:
0844 800 1880
Skype: 'SLR CCA team'


This web page is dedicated to the FDF CCA and below you will find:

  • Copies of FDF CCA Guidance Notes
  • Copies of email updates issued to Administrative Contacts

If you have any questions on how your CCA operates, how changes in the business may impact upon your CCA or anything else related to CCAs, please do not hesitate to contact the helpline.

We are no longer using forms to process changes, therefore please simply email the helpline team with the change you want to make and they will ensure they get all the information they need to process the change.


FDF CCA Guidance Notes

FDF CCA Guidance notes:
Title Latest version
1 What is a CCA? July 2017
2 Applying for a CCA July 2017
3 FDF CCA Administration Charges November 2019
3a FDF Supermarkets Administration Charges November 2017
4 Completing HMRC PP10 and PP11 Forms April 2020
5 Timetable of FDF CCA Activities July 2017
6 Obligations under your CCA including audits July 2017
7 Reporting data at each Target Period:
QE Target period Reporting
2020 Target Period Reporting
Jan 2020
8 How CCAs interact with other schemes July 2017
9 Glossary and Abbreviations July 2017
10 What happens if... July 2017
11 NOVEM targets July 2017
12 Stringency test on targets July 2017
13 HMRC CCA State Aid Reporting June 2019
14 G uidance Note 14 – Penalties for non-compliance December 2018


How to calculate a NOVEM target and work out if you'll be better off - xlsx


Email Updates appear below (most recent first):

F-Gas Refrigerant Guidance