UK Food and Drink Export Performance

UK food and drink export statistics for 2014

Top Line Performance - Executive summary

  • Exports grew by 4.8% to £6.5bn
  • Exports to non-EU markets (+12%) outperformed the EU (+2.5%) pushing the non-EU share up by 1.7%
  • Including alcoholic drinks, total food and drink exports were £9.3bn, down 0.5% on 2013
  • The fall was largely due to a decline in whisky (-11%) as growth slowed in Asia and other top 10 markets
  • The export of all UK products fell by 15% on 2013 worth £155bn impacted by stronger sterling in 2014
  • The food and non-alcoholic drink trade balance fell by 4.9% to a deficit of £12bn

Key Indicators

key indicators

* Other Groceries Includes fats/oils, preserved fruit/veg, fruit juice, sauces, ice cream, vinegar and other misc. products

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Exports by Sector

Exports by sector

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What happened in H1 (January - June 2014)?

  • Eurozone GDP fell from 0.2% in Q1 to 0% in Q2 whilst £1 appreciated to be worth €1.22 in Q1 to €1.25. These factors impacted on growth to the EU falling from +7.4% in Q1 to +2.5% in Q2.
  • The effect of sterling weakened export growth to non-EU markets (+15.7% in Q1 falling to +8.5% in Q2). Sterling strengthened significantly against the dollar worth $1.65 in January to $1.70 by June (versus $1.54 in H1 2013).

Top Product Categories

Top Product categories

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Going up and down

Going up, going down
* Concentrated or sweetened milk or cream

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Last reviewed: 22 Sep 2014