Q3 2016 Export Statistics

UK food and drink export statistics January to September 2016

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Executive summary

  • Q3 2016 exports of food and non-alcoholic drink reached £3.4bn, up 12.1% on 2015
  • Total year-to-date exports increased 10.2% to £10.1bn against the same period in 2015
  • Exports of branded goods saw growth of 13.7% to £1.3bn against the same period a year before
  • Exports to non-EU markets (+ 19.2%) continued to out-perform those to EU markets (+ 9.6%), raising the non-EU share to 28.5% over Q3 2015
  • The food and non-alcoholic drink trade deficit increased by 6.7% over Q3 2015


Key Indicators

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Q1 / Q2 / Q3 food and non-alcoholic drink growth

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Last reviewed: 21 Nov 2016