The FDF’s State of the Industry Report will be:

  • Informative
    • Factual information is more useful than sentiment. The report will focus on factual information, including output, workforce and costs, with just two sentiment questions.
  • Consistent
    • The survey will ask the same questions – this is to provide comparability over a period of time, making it a useful benchmarking tool.
  • Timely
    • For data to be as relevant as possible, the report will be released promptly after the survey has taken place. We have a set timeline to ensure the information proves a useful benchmarking tool.

Data will be collected and kept in the strictest confidentiality. Findings will be aggregated at an industry level. If participation rates allow, we will seek to provide findings at more granular level e.g. regionally or by industry sub-sector.

Reporting period Survey circulated Survey closes FDF analysis Member webinar
Q4 2021 28-Jan 14-Feb 21-25-Feb 02-Mar
Q1 2022 01-Apr 14-Apr 19-22-Apr 27-Apr
Q2 2022 01-Jul 15-Jul 18-22-Jul 27-Jul
Q3 2022 03-Oct 14-Oct 17-21-Oct 26-Oct
Q4 2022 03-Jan 13-Jan 16-20-Jan 25-Jan