Biscuit Cake Chocolate and Confectionery Sector

The biscuit cake chocolate and confectionery sector encompasses a wide range of products.


Chocolate and confectionery

According to IBISWorld data the size of the UK chocolate and confectionery market is currently just under £4bn.

Chocolate has a long history with its origins in South America. Chocolate is subject to its own special regulations  which set out the names that may be used to describe  different types of chocolate and the compositional standards that each type of chocolate must meet.

The confectionery sector is highly varied, covering a range of products including gums, jellies, pastilles, hard-boiled sweets, lollipops, toffee, fudge, nougat among others



According to data from Pladis the biscuit market was worth £2.7bn in 2019.

Within the biscuit sector there are plain biscuits, chocolate-covered biscuits, cookies, wafers, breakfast biscuits, rice crackers and a whole range more.



As with the other product categories in this sector, the cake market covers a wide range of traditional and innovative products in a variety of flavours and types.

The FDF Biscuit Cake Chocolate and Confectionery Committee considers the technical and regulatory issues relating to this sector and provides members with the opportunity to receive targeted information in these areas.